This occured to me in church this morning. (You really need to check out Renovatus.)

Two of the top condoms on the market are Ramses and Trojan. Hmmm. I’m thinking the marketing departments didn’t really think these through.

Ramses: Couldn’t hold the Isrealites.

Trojan … infamous for a “gift” that got inside the city gates, then opened up to allow the enemies access.

Troubling thoughts.


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3 responses to “Condoms

  1. Other unsuitable names would include:

    * Osmosis
    * Maginot
    * Collander
    * Alamo
    * Challenger
    * Titanic
    * Stalingrad

  2. jeremy hunt

    yeah, you should probably steer clear of Sperm Conduit condoms as well.

  3. Genius. Pure genius.

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