Makin’ Bricks

So I’ve had this sweet deal at Harper’s restaurant for over 10 years now. When I started this career as a Magic Dude, I had limited options for making a living doing what I love and have been called to do.
I could pursue cruise ships, or comedy clubs or magic theaters (which were in proliferation in places like Atlantic City and Vegas in those days). This would have involved traveling and being away from the family for possibly months at a time, or uprooting them and moving them away from extended family and friends. No can do, said the Lord in our long conversations. There is an alternative, you just have to create it.
So I invented close up table magic in Charlotte. To be sure, there had been restaurant entertainers before me. Most of which involved twisting latex into amusing shapes. This (no matter what they say) is NOT magic. I overcame the principle arguments and proved my worth to a number of local eaterys.
My greatest “sell” of all was Harper’s at Southpark. They had an upscale feel and the kind of clientele that I desired for outside work. I worked hard and achieved a following of sorts. I had a place to be creative and pursue excellence. I am thankful to God for giving me this venue.
Zoom forward to the almost present. For just about a year now, I have been feeling stronger and stronger about moving on from this happy house of Harper’s. It’s not just that the atmosphere has changed somewhat. I think I just fear stepping away from a “sure thing” and embracing the path God is laying out ahead of me. So I pray and (sadly) have been ignoring the answers I have been getting.
Then came Sunday and the weekly Jon-A-Thon. Dagnabbit, Juan spoke directly to my fears and the stuggle I have been having. All I have been doing lately is stressing over the money and the bills and makin’ the bricks. And getting less and less straw to make ’em. Jonathan, if you are reading this – you really need to address the problems of the WHOLE congregation, and not just ME week after week.
So … I’m going to be cutting those ties in a very direct way. Heading out again into the desert and waiting for God to move in my craft. I’m excited about some of the projects that are on the way. I hope the blessing will not be mine alone.
Your prayers (as always) are coveted.


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2 responses to “Makin’ Bricks

  1. They need magicians in the desert???

    Oh, wait. That was figurative, wasn’t it…

  2. jonathanmartin

    Hey bro!

    Wow. One side of me says, “Crap…no more hanging out at Harpers” cause you know I love to come when you are getting your groove on.

    On the other hand, I am REALLY proud and elated that you are doing what you feel like you are being called to do, though it requires a big leap of faith. I know God provides when He leads…but that doesn’t make it any less scary! You are a brave soul.

    So when’s that last pimento cheese encrusted filet mignon???

    By the way, I have been talking up the Hannibal production/freak show idea to folks, everybody is wild about it. We need to set some dates! And I do have everything confirmed for the April 28th deal…that should be sweet.

    I got nothing but admiration and love for ya, my brother! Thanks for staying true…it is a great example to all of us to see your faith.

    And by the way, you KNOW I’m not gunning for you with these messages…because I would be like, “stick it to Phaorah but stay at Harpers!!!” 🙂

    Everybody else, follow God, but Hannibal you must COMPROMISE!

    I will MOST CERTAINLY be praying for you, I know this is a big leap!

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