Newsflash: Anna Nichole Smith Still Dead

Despite fears that she would rise after three days, Anna Nichole Smith remains stone dead.

In the words of the coroner she is “remarkably well preserved”, however.


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6 responses to “Newsflash: Anna Nichole Smith Still Dead

  1. Whaaaat???? What a bizarre coincidence! My grandad is still dead too. That is SO weird….

  2. ???
    Your grandad was Anna Nichole Smith?? Wow … so very strange!

  3. Hmmm… My Grandmother is also still dead.

    OK, now I’m confused. Was Anna Nicole Smith BOTH my grandparents? If that’s the case, then my mother couldn’t have been born, so by inference, that means neither was I. Therefore, either I don’t exist or my mother was actually my father, which is a logical impossibility. So who’s writing this?

    ….Or else…. Noooooo!

    Anna Nicole Smith is Dead so my Dad is really a woman!

  4. If you do not exist, you may also be dead in which case YOU may be Anna Nicole Smith – ipso facto you are not dead so she isn’t either.
    Just read the news – Britney Spears isn’t dead …

  5. Ah, but if I’m dead then I must have existed, in which case, I’m NOT Anna Nicole Smith, (and I’m not – at least I don’t think I am), ipso facto I’m dead and so is she. Does that mean Britney Spears IS dead? What about my grandparents????

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