How Do You Do That?

How do you reconcile being a magician with your faith? Do you ever fear that God does not approve?

All art is a lie. Poets lie, but we love how they lie to us. Art imitates life. Art is never exactly what it represents. My art (or sometimes Art) imitates miracles and mystery. Performance magic, at its best, is not a puzzle or a problem to be solved, but rather a mystery to be reflected upon. Mystery does not always have a solution – or sometimes the solution takes the beauty out of the moment.

I strive to reflect the beauty and mystery I see all around me in God’s creation. I will never achieve perfection in my work but perhaps in seeking perfection, I can obtain excellence.


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4 responses to “How Do You Do That?

  1. I was obsessed with becoming a magician as a kid. My poor parents and sisters had to put up with hours of atrociously bad tricks. I eventually gave it up when I realised that I’d taken to it like a horse to hang-gliding. I’ll stick to singing.

  2. jonathanmartin

    I think the imitation of mystery is a lot more noble than what most of us do…which is iron out mysteries, rationalize them, destroy them. At least in imitation of mystery, you tease it out, maybe even participate in the real thing sometimes. That doesn’t sound so bad to me!

    By the way, we are missing you guys already–hope the shows go awesome. Any chance of an update on location?

  3. jeremy hunt


    how was Vegas? can’t wait for the community group kick-off on Monday!

  4. Simon Bar Sinister

    Back from Vegas. Big post soon.

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