Being Human

I really was moved this morning – Jonathan really let go in a way he rarely does. Were some people made uncomfortable? I need t repeat listen to this one a few times.
I have a longer post for later, but for now let me ask this:
What do you think the natural state of being for humans is? In other words; without the distractions, stresses and concerns that we deal with here and now – how would we view the Creation?


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6 responses to “Being Human

  1. I haven’t finished listening to this one yet. I’m half way through at the moment. I need to get a job slightly further away from home so my commute will take a JMartSermony length of time.

    Interesting question. I know that on the island where I live, about 60 years ago, people’s world was tied into the land a whole lot more. They depended on soil and sea for their livlihood and I don’t think it’s coincidental that they were a lot more spiritually awake then than now. You could argue that that came from selfish need; i.e. “I really want fish. Please God let there be fish!”, or alternatively you could say that the spiritual dimension came first, i.e “Thank you for making these amazing fish. Please help me catch some. Thank you God for the fish!” I dunno which is right. All I do know is that they certainly appreciated their environment a heck of a lot more than most folks today do.

  2. jonathanmartin

    I’m so glad you are moved. I think the Spirit was moving us all last Sunday, I could feel the electricity…maybe some miniscule touch of Genesis 1:2, the Spirit brooding over…

    I don’t know if people were uncomfortable or not. I kind of hope so. Of course, the things that God speaks in my heart tend to be alternately comforting and uncomfortable simultaneously, maybe there was some of that.

    Creation, without all the clutter–I get so little of that kind of space in my head even for seconds at a time, it is hard to conceive. Kind of like your post before, it almost seems you could split open from the beauty. The word that comes to my mind is delight–sheer, unadulterated, unabandoned, uninhibited delight in God, delight in us, delight in everything. A whole world wrapped up in delight.

    That’s feeble, but the best I’ve got.

  3. Delight is a great answer, now dig a bit deeper. What is the feeling you get a split second before delight wraps you up?

  4. Surprise, yes. Only bigger than that …

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