Chaos and Creation

Notes: Nice way to begin – cut through the miniscule detailing which tend to mislead and misdirect from the real message.
“In the beginning God” Exactly.
“… created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form and void” No gravity? And without gravity no direction.
“And the Spirit of God moved” To me this always represented the very beginning of time as we know it. God moved. God is everywhere, why would he need to “move”? So His transition from point A to Point B through space implies not only space itself but the time to traverse, hence the start of the universe clock.
“…upon the face of the waters.” As the single electron moves across the face of the single proton in the Hydrogen atom, the very basis of structure. Movement = time = gravity = the Spirit of God binding the universe together by simple moving.

The Word was with God and the Word was God. Word

The majesty of nature, created by God, reflecting His Spirit. If nature more closely reflected God, could we as humans survive its beauty? Is this why we must for now view everything “through a glass, darkly”?


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2 responses to “Chaos and Creation

  1. awesome thoughts magic man. who knew in addition to your good looks you had some brains.

  2. jonathanmartin

    Wow…did you ever hear that John Boy and Billy sketch where the guy says “That’s a LOT better than what I had?” Those are my words. Could we humans survive the beauty?

    That is an amazing question. I really do believe that is why the NT puts such an emphasis on a PHYSICAL resurrection. Because I don’t think the new heavens and new earth are us floating around as dismeboided spirits. I think it is a physcial creation–is there any other kind–as it was in Genesis. And I think our bodies are just not designed with the capacity to take that kind of beauty.

    Man, the gospel just keeps getting bigger and wilder to conceive, or is that just me?

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